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School Programs
and Camps
with Aboriginal
Cultural Immersion

Our camps and retreats provide an immersive

cultural experience, connecting you to the sacred

spirituality of the First Peoples of Australia.

Be enchanted by the beauty of our land, the

richness of our stories, and the profound

significance of our Dreaming.

Unique Offerings



On Country Adventure 

  • Immerse in Culture and Nature with Our Two-Day Teenage Camping Program!

  • Join us for an unforgettable two-day camping experience on country, designed specifically for teenagers aged 13-17. This program offers a unique blend of cultural education, outdoor adventure, and hands-on learning, all set in the stunning natural landscape.

  • Highlights:

  • Fishing and Trapping: Learn traditional fishing techniques and trapping methods passed down through generations.

  • Hiking and Orienteering: Embark on guided hikes and master orienteering skills, navigating the land using natural landmarks and traditional methods.

  • Cultural Skills: Participate in cultural activities, including storytelling, art, and music, gaining a deeper understanding of Aboriginal heritage and traditions.

  • Survival Skills: Develop essential survival skills such as building shelters, starting fires, and finding food and water in the wild.

  • What You'll Experience:

  • 🌿 Connection to Country: Experience the deep spiritual connection to the land and understand the significance of preserving Aboriginal culture.

  • 🎣 Hands-On Learning: Engage in practical, hands-on activities that teach valuable life skills and promote self-sufficiency.

  • 🏞️ Outdoor Adventure: Enjoy the thrill of outdoor activities in a safe and supportive environment, fostering teamwork and leadership.

  • 🪶 Cultural Immersion: Gain insight into the rich history and practices of Aboriginal people, enhancing cultural awareness and appreciation.

  • Why Join Us?

  • Research shows that spending time outdoors and learning about cultural heritage promotes mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Our program is designed to help teenagers develop a strong sense of identity, resilience, and respect for nature and culture.

  • Register Now to secure your spot in this enriching and adventurous program. Let's create memories and skills that will last a lifetime!

Teenage camping program
Aboriginal cultural education
outdoor adventure for teens
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School Programs

🔥 Galin Dhandha: Kids Campfire & Bush Tucker School Program 🌿

Join Avalon for a morning of learning and cooking bush tukka around a warm fire at your school.

What to Expect:

🌳 A bush walk and learning about bush tukka at Australian Botanical Garden.
🔥 Cooking bush tukka over the fire to enjoy for morning tea.
📖 Sharing stories, like how the pelican got its beak, and songs around the campfire.
🌱 Slowing down and enjoying the simpler things in life, just like camping without all the packing!

Why Have Us at Your School?

If your child loves camping and the outdoors, then this campfire and bush tukka workshop is perfect for them! Research clearly shows that spending time outdoors is essential for normal development and a healthy childhood. The more time children spend outdoors, the better prepared they are for school and life.

Meet Your Educator:

  • Avalon: An experienced school educator in Aboriginal cultural experiences, a certified cultural tour guide trained in Nature Pedagogy. Avalon has been running educational programs and tours about Aboriginal culture since 2006, leading outdoor education with a background in leading forest school groups.

We hope to see you for a unique Aussie campfire experience!

Ages: 3-8 years

Register Now:

Bring the Experience to Your School:

Want to bring the magic of the Galin Dhandha: Kids Campfire & Bush Tucker workshop to your local school? Hire us for a 2-hour program where students can:

🌳 Experience a bush walk and learn about native bush tukka.
🔥 Cook and enjoy bush tukka over a campfire.
📖 Participate in storytelling, jokes, and songs around the fire.
🌱 Engage in hands-on learning about nature, food, and Aboriginal culture.

Book Your School Program Today: 0402606481

3-8 year old activities, outdoor adventure for toddlers
fishing and trapping skills
ampfire storytelling, hands-on bush tucker cooking


Camping Sites

Attendees of a bush tukka cooking class, preparing traditional Aboriginal dishes using native ingredients
A workshop in progress, with participants learning to craft traditional Aboriginal items such as boomerangs and clapsticks
Book your exhilarating Aboriginal treks and cultural experiences online with ease
A group of tourists on a guided tour, led by an experienced Aboriginal guide, learning about the local flora and fauna
tudents attending a day class, engaged in hands-on activities that teach about Aboriginal culture and heritage.
A breathtaking sunrise over the tranquil Craigmuir Lake, setting the scene for a day of adventure and discovery
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