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hands-on learning experiences

Immerse Students in Aboriginal Culture
and Language


 Immerse Students in Aboriginal Culture and Language! 

Are you looking to enrich your school's curriculum with unique cultural experiences?

Whoop Whoop Walk About Tours offers engaging Aboriginal culture and language

classes that bring the rich heritage of Australia's Indigenous people right into your classroom!

Why Choose Our Classes?

  1. Cultural Awareness: Foster respect and appreciation for Aboriginal heritage.

  2. Interactive Learning: Enjoy hands-on activities like bush tukka cooking, storytelling, music, and art.

  3. Curriculum Enhancement: Aligns with educational goals and broadens students' cultural horizons.

Program Details

  • Experienced Instructors: Learn from knowledgeable Aboriginal educators passionate about sharing their culture.

  • Flexible Scheduling: Options for one-time workshops or a series of classes to fit your school's timetable.

  • Affordable Investment:

  • Just $120 per student, including all materials and resources.

Special Outdoor Cultural Experience

For an even more immersive experience, arrange transportation, and we'll take your students out on country!

  • Exclusive Tour: Limited to 12 students, includes cultural education, traditional activities, and lunch.

  • Unforgettable Experience: A deeper connection to nature and Aboriginal heritage.

  • Just $259 per student

Benefits for Students

  • Cultural Competency: Understand Aboriginal traditions, values, and history.

  • Language Skills: Learn the basics of an Aboriginal language.

  • Engagement: Keep students excited about learning with practical activities.

Book Your Class Today! 🌟 Bring the beauty and wisdom of Aboriginal culture into your classrooms and create lasting memories for your students.

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🌿 Join us in celebrating and preserving the rich heritage of Aboriginal Australia. Ready to make a cultural impact? 🌿

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Mt Buller Tour Review-WANA WALK

Organised by: Melbourne Walkers Group

Avalon guided us on a tour around Mt Buller, delivering an exceptional experience filled with expert knowledge and genuine passion for the outdoors. Their insightful commentary and personalized approach made the tour both informative and enjoyable. I highly recommend Avalon as a guide for anyone seeking an enriching adventure in the mountains.


Janet Smith
Melbourne Walkers Group

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