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There are many ways to learn and connect with the diverse Aboriginal cultures found throughout the Murray River region, whether it's by taking a locally guided tour; exploring the galleries and attractions along the Cultural Trails, or venturing on a road trip through the World Heritage-listed national parks of Ulupna Island, Gorbram Falls, Winton Wetlands or further into Beechworth.


Embark on an Enchanting Trek to Sacred Aboriginal Sites!

Discover the magic and history of Mooroopna, meaning "deep water hole," at the heart of a remarkable Cultural Landscape cherished by Aboriginal people. Scattered throughout this landscape are historical stone Milbi (caves) and ancient stone channels shaped by Yurlunggur, the rainbow serpent, hidden in the hills.

Join our guided tour to explore these awe-inspiring sites, including:

  • A 400-year-old birthing tree: A sacred space exclusively used for women's ceremonies.

  • Lava flow riverbed: Featuring canoe scar trees.

  • Freshwater inland beaches: Historically used for trapping and holding fish.

This adventure will take you through several stunning National Parks, including Chesney Vale National Park, Ulupna Island, Gooram Falls, and Yeddonba Aboriginal Cultural Site. At each location, immerse yourself in Dreamtime stories and enjoy a guided tour.

Feel the spirit of the land, Dunghala, deeply connected to the Barmah National Park. Discover 'Kanny Goopna' (Shepparton), meaning deep waterholes, where people camped and where the legend of Dunghala began.

Over 5 days, your guide will lead you on 4 cultural treks, highlighting:

  • Wetlands

  • Directional Trees

  • Caves

  • Waterfalls

  • Wildlife

After each exhilarating trek, unwind and savor lunch at selected cafes, arriving at approximately 1 pm (lunch included).

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to connect with the ancient heritage and natural beauty of Mooroopna. Book your trek today and step into a world of wonder and tradition!


Welcome to Country

Day 1

2. 00pm : Arrival

Arrive at you accommadtion and be greated by your host and guide. Then settle in to your deluxe accommodation for the night.


Yeddonha Aboriginal Cultural Site 

SHHH we are entering sacride sit of the Yeddonha people.

Day 4

9.00am :


Boasting many significant areas including a rock shelter and bush tucker area. The site is of particular archaeological importance as it features an Aboriginal red-ochre painting


Lake Mokoan

Scar Tree trail and hand dug water well.

Day 2

9.00 am : 

Heading from Mooroopna we follow the women's business trail, bringing us to Lake Mokoan there you will learn about men's business around inication


Ulurpna Island

Time to say farewell to your guide.

Day 5


Final treak towards Cobram.“Gulpa Gaka Anganya – Gaka Yawal Ngulla Yenbena Yorta Yorta Woka,”  We farewell you with a inland beach for a swim or just wide down– come walk  along the shores of Barmah National Park.  


Gooram Falls

Learn about how  local people trapped fish.

Day 3


Euroa. A series of two cascades in "Yera-O" which means joyful  separated by a flat section of volcanic lava flow. Here you will see serval canoes carved in the tree surrounding the area.

download (2).jpg

Kaiela Arts

Oportunity to buy a gift from the local people

Day 5

 Our finish the day off with returning back to Shepparton. And a opportuinty to buy local and support Aboriginal artists.

tea tree 1.jpg







5-day tour experience from $2895 per guest.

Single-day tour to one site from $199 pp.

Secondary age to Adult.

Cultural sites may change to match seasons.

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