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Gurumba Bigi-Hello

My name is Avalon Karatau (Jinani)

I am a member of the Badtjala people, also known as Ocean Fork. I am Yirrayirra Dhal Guradyi, a Bush Tukka medicine woman from Kg'ari, also known as Fraser Island, located in Murri country, Queensland. My skins are Yul'Lu, Gugug, and Winha nga nha. My territory extends from Tinian Creek, Fraser Island, Double Island Point, Tin Can Bay, Bauple Mountain, and north to a point at Burrum Heads in Queensland. I am a direct descendant of Jack Noble Wannamutta, a Queensland Black Tracker who worked with Victorian Police in helping capture the Ned Kelly gang between 1879 to July 1880 at the age of 25 years.

Participants in a spiritual retreat, meditating by the peaceful lakeside and connecting with nature.
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Aboriginal cultural education
Baking Class

A Bit About the Business.

JUKURRPA, founded by Avalon Karatau, prioritizes guest satisfaction. The business aims to provide exceptional service while caring for the environment, including the lake, food, and plants. With a focus on culturally supportive activities since 2006, JUKURPA offers immersive treks and spiritual retreats that incorporate traditional knowledge on bush food and educational programs. Guests can also participate in small group experiences and cultural tours in the region. As an eco-friendly Aboriginal-owned cultural business, JUKURRPA is ready to make your stay and cultural experience exceptional.

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