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10 ways to support #CraigmuirLakeHouse.

While we are in lockdown we are reaching out to all our friends, family, and guests to help us keep us still in business. Here are 10 ways that will help us that won't cost you a cent... 1. FOLLOW us on #SocialMedia. 5. TAG friends that you think would like our posts 3. SHARE our posts. 4, COMMENT or ask questions about our posts, 6. POST your experience at our lake house, and #tag them and use our #hashtag. 7. TELL friends about your stay here and encourage them to come to stay. 9. SEND us a message tell us what you appreciated we did while you stayed. 10. NETWORK with us. Join our #coffeecatchups days we will be sharing to join forces with other #businesses in Shepparton and surrounding areas to support all of us in these difficult times.

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