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Acknowledgement of Country.

Over the years, Welcomes to and #AcknowledgementsofCountry have become a lot more known in Australia. For #FirstNationpeople, this has given hope to many traditional owners as people getting the recognition they deserve.

Welcomes and Acknowledgements bring #awareness to the #devisecultures that live in #Australia. And understanding First Nation people are the custodians of the land.

We will explain how to do an Acknowledgement of Country? And how can you do it well?

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How to Write an Acknowledgement of Country With Kids. When it comes to respecting and honouring the traditional owners of the land on which we play, walk and live, there’s something special about young children understanding the meaning behind an Acknowledgement of Country, and being able to work together to write their very own. This understanding also allows them to show respect, appreciation and a willingness to learn more.

So, we chatted with some of our wonderful teacher Ambassadors – Jordyn living on Kombumerri Country and Tramain from the Bundjalung people for some hints and tips on how to write an Acknowledgement of Country with kids.