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Savour the aroma of #SeaRosemary.

A silvery version of the #rosemary you would be used to seeing, sea rosemary grows so easily and loves #coastal #soils. It is way #tastier than your everyday rosemary and has the most #delectable aroma too. Use it whenever you would use rosemary. This was one of the first #nativeplants to be used by #Europeans. And learned quickly it was a great #insect repellent for the local #mozzies, #ants and #flies herein #Australia,

You will find our sea rosemary insect repellent recipe on our website.


INGREDIENTS Here's what you'll need: Mason jars: 8 ounce size works well lemon and lime slices sea rosemary sprigs essential oils: I've use Tea Tree oil, Eucalyptus,, rosemary and thyme water floating candles

INSTRUCTIONS I used 8 ounce Mason jars. Slice some fresh lemons and limes, pick some fresh ses rosemary, and select some essential oils. Begin with a slice or two of lemon or lime in the bottom of the jar, add the rosemary, fill with water, add the essential oils, then top with an extra slice or two of the citrus fruit. Finish up by adding a floating candle on top. Light before your guests arrive to help ward off insects and add a magical touch to your table setting. Easy instructions to create your own non-toxic insect repellent luminaries in mason jars. Ingredients Place a slice or two of lemon and lime in the bottom of the jar.

Add a sprig of sea rosemary.

Fill ¾ full with water.

Add 10 drops of each of the essential oils to each jar.

Float another lemon or lime slice on top.

Add more water if necessary.

Top with a floating candle.

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