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Savour the aroma of #SeaRosemary.

A silvery version of the #rosemary you would be used to seeing, sea rosemary grows so easily and loves #coastal #soils. It is way #tastier than your everyday rosemary and has the most #delectable aroma too. Use it whenever you would use rosemary. This was one of the first #nativeplants to be used by #Europeans. And learned quickly it was a great #insect repellent for the local #mozzies, #ants and #flies herein #Australia,

You will find our sea rosemary insect repellent recipe on our website.


INGREDIENTS Here's what you'll need: Mason jars: 8 ounce size works well lemon and lime slices sea rosemary sprigs essential oils: I've use Tea Tree oil, Eucalyptus,, rosemary and thyme water floating candles