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BY Avalon Kararua


Sometimes baking has nothing to do with the food. Sometimes it is all about what you're cooking it in or with.

Cooking on an open fire is a great way to impart sensational natural flavours to your food – both meat and vegetables. Discover how to make the most of your campfire with our tips.

Should you cook over embers or flames?

Embers. You’re aiming for slow, steady cooking, so be patient and wait for the wood to burn down to achieve a strong, constant heat to cook with. Once you have hot embers, it reduces the chance of flare ups and gives you more control of the grill.

Baste food as you go to avoid it drying out

How to cook meat on an open fire

There are lots of variables when it comes to bbq cooking, making it difficult to rely on set cooking times. Instead, invest in a meat probe to keep an eye on the internal temperature of your food whilst it cooks.

How to cook vegetables on an open fire

Try grilling vegetables over embers as the star of the show. Spring greens, all work well.

Basting food on an open fire

To avoid your food drying out, remember to baste, glaze or mop with a tasty sauce or any leftover meat marinade, if used. You want your meat to be soft and moist inside with the beautiful charring and caramelisation from the bbq on the outside.

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