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Bush Tukka Bake Off.

Winter Warmers: Adding bush flavours to your favourite winter recipes by Avalon Karatau| May 15th, 2022 There’s nothing like a good, #heartymeal to tide you over on a #chillynight. So how can you razz up your #winterdishes with native #bushherbs? #Wintersoups with a native twist #Soups are a winter staple — easy to prepare and even easier to enjoy. It doesn’t take much to dress up a #conventionalsoup with #nativeingredients. Next time you make a #creamysoup, like #potato, #sweetpotato, #pumpkin or #laksa, try subbing in a few spicy #herbs into the dish. If making a #vegetablesoup, #beefnoodle, or #minestrone, why not count Bain (Karkalla) leaves or peppery #SeaCelery, #SeaParsley among your ingredients. Garnish with a handful of fresh Sea Purslane leaves for a#pumpkin,salty crunch that’s high in vitamin C. Here is one of our's we are sharing with you on among your ingredients. Creamy Yam Soup.


Native Leaks – indispensable as a flavour base in this soup. Coconut oil – just a small amount to saute the vegetables. Yams – or just use pumpkin or butternut squash. Sweet potato – I have used the golden variety. Ground native cinnamon – adds a gentle warmth and fragrance. Ground cumin – adds an earthy, slightly spicy flavour. Vegetable stock – you can make your own or use a commercial variety. Coconut cream – this is optional but does add a lovely creaminess. Salt bush and pepper berries– to taste STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS:

  1. Peel and chop your vegetables. Sweat the onions in a little oil, and then add the pumpkin, sweet potato and spices;

  2. Add the stock and simmer;

  3. Cook until your vegetables are tender;

  4. Blend until smooth, and serve! Make sure that your yam and sweet potato are cooked before attempting to blend them. It will be impossible to blend it smoothly if they are slightly undercooked. You can use an immersion blender – I do. You will get a smoother, creamier texture if you use a blender. However, it is important to understand that blending hot liquids in a blender can be dangerous and could result in severe burns. If you do use a blender for hot liquids, you must be careful. You will need to remove the central cap in the blender lid and then cover the lid with a folded tea towel to let the steam escape. Hold the lid on securely and blend on a low speed. This will allow steam to escape so that it doesn’t build up. If you don’t, there is the risk that soup may overflow out of the blender. You can certainly put your own twist on this soup – add some fresh herbs and baby spinach just before serving. Or, add some chickpeas for protein. S

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