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Chunnup—season of cockatoos

Winter: Late May-end of July

Australia is blessed with a unique richness of wildlife

Creatures found nowhere else on the planet. While zoos, sanctuaries, and conservation parks are all brilliant for a cheeky encounter and close ups selfies, nothing beats venturing into the wild to see animals in their natural habitat. Today we head off to the most distinctive and diverse Montague Island, New South Wales, which is perfect for tracking the smartly suited up penguin.

  • The setting: Southern coastline and only accessible by boat from the seaside town of Narooma,

  • Remoteness looms larger than you may expect from its 82 hectares of protected nature reserve.

  • Barunguba by the local Yuin Aborigines, it comes with crystal-clear waters for divers

  • The wildlife: Formidable population of little penguins,


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