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Craigmuir Lake House.

“Darling, I love you passionately and I want to spend this #weekend #rekindling our #spark and reading aloud to one another from our #favoritebooks of poetry, but let’s not forget we’ve got to do #laundry, take the #dogs to the groomer, get the #carwashed, clean the #grill, get stuff for the #barbecue and return the broken fan to Home Depot. Also, it’s your turn to pay the car bill.”

This is a slightly dramatized version of most of us in our daily life. Making it hard to remember to take time out, despite our best intentions to keep our #romancealive, the business of running a life together can be a real buzzkill. Even #datenights, appreciated as they are, have a kind of rote quality to them. We frequent the same #restaurants, #movie #theaters and #concertvenues.

One way is to take a #vacation nothing fancy, aka, expensive just a weekend away from the madding crowd of our domestic bliss. Try #craigmuirlakehouse for those simple breaks we all need.

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