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Discover the Wonders of WANA WALK!


 When: Wednesdays, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM (flexible scheduling available)

 Where: Australian Botanical Garden,

       Kialla Tip Rd, Kialla VIC 3631

 Price: $50 per person

Join us at the Australian Botanical Garden in Shepparton for an unforgettable educational experience!

 Learn about the Bottle Tree

Discover how this iconic tree was historically tapped for water. The ground is carefully observed for cracks or bulges, indicating the presence of roots. These roots are excavated, broken off near the trunk, and the water is either sucked directly from the root or drained into a container.

 Explore Edible Native Foods

Uncover the secrets of native bush tukka as we explore the garden. Learn how you can incorporate these nutritious and delicious ingredients into your meals.

 Enjoy a Scenic Walk

Take a leisurely walk around the beautiful lake, surrounded by the vibrant flora of our garden.

 Finish with Billy Tea and Damper

Savor the taste of traditional billy tea and damper served with bush tukka jam and cream. A perfect end to an enriching experience!

 Perfect for School Programs, Walking Groups, and Social Gatherings

WANA WALK is ideal for educational outings, group activities, and social events. Experience the rich Aboriginal culture and history in a unique setting.


Named after the "wana," a digging stick used by Aboriginal women to gather food and also as a weapon, WANA WALK is a tribute to the strength and ingenuity of Aboriginal women.

 Book Now!

Spaces are limited, so book your spot today! Contact us for more information and to schedule your group.

 Your guide will meet you at the Australian Botanical Garden in Shepparton.


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