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Gwangal moronn

Autumn March-May

The creature that everyone wants to see when they visit #Tasmania is the #eponymous #Tasmaniandevil – the world’s #largestmeateatingmarsupial. Found all over the island state, but partial to #coastal and #scrublandareas, devils tend to hang out on their own until #breedingseason (March, April and May), when the male has to fight for the female’s attention; including lots of very loud #howling and #growling. The #shrieks can be heard several kilometres (more than a mile) away. It all happens after dark and listening to a devil scream in the middle of the night is a thrilling experience you won’t soon forget. When: March, April and May Where: Tasmania How: To hear and see devils at night, book a nocturnal tour at Cradle Mountain sanctuary Devils@Cradle.

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