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Gwangal moronn – autumn – season of honey bees.

Late March to end of May. In the middle of #Mooroopna, somewhere not too far away, there will be a #possum. #Ringtail or #brushtailpossums are among the most versatile and adaptable of #Australiasmarsupials; living much of their lives over our heads under our #roofs. At night they emerge from their #dens and #dreys and crisscross their #territories in search of food— or a mate because it is mating season for them right now over #rooftops, through #treetops, and along power lines and fences these little guys will go—avoiding the ground where they risk #dog attack or being hit by a #car.

While possums are usually wary of people and do us little harm, they can make nuisances of themselves by eating fruit and flowers from our gardens and, in the case of the brushtail possum, by taking up residence in the ceiling space of our homes. However we don't mind their company here at #CraigmuirLake

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