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Gwangal moronn—season of honey bees.

Autumn: Late March-end of May HANG OUT WITH BABY QUOKKAS When: April and May Where: Rottnest Island, Western Australia

There’s no best time of year to score a quokka selfie, because the adorable teddy-bear-sized marsupial nicknamed “the world’s happiest animal” is always happy to pose for a photo. Quokkas however, do like to snooze in the shade in the middle of the day, so late afternoon is best.

The quokka, famous for its cute little smiling face and trusting nature, is native to Rottnest Island, a 25-minute ferry ride from Fremantle, just south of Perth. For an extra dose of sweetness, if you go in April or May you might snap a photo of a quokka with a ‘joey’ (newborn marsupial) peeking out of her pouch.

How: Take the Rottnest Fast Ferry to the island and venture away from the crowds to find quokkas grazing on the brush.

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