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🌿 NGAYIRR WAADYYIN WIILBAN - Dreamtime Ancestral Awakening Workshop 🌿

Discover profound healing and reconnect with your ancestral roots in our transformative 8-hour workshop. 🌟

Workshop Details:

📅 Session Duration: 8 Hours (Lunch Included)

💲 Price: $150 per participant | $350 for personalized issue support

Who Can Benefit:

Individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, panic attacks

Those feeling disconnected, unsupported, or unnoticed

Anyone carrying family mental health patterns

Why Join Us:

Experience deep healing and gain clarity

Reconnect with your heritage and feel empowered

Safe and supportive environment

Important Note:

Some illnesses or disabilities are part of our destiny. Acknowledging this can be the most healing response. Our sessions support but do not replace medical advice.

✨ Limited Spots Available! Group sizes range from 8 to 20 people. ✨

For more information, contact us at 0402 606 481

Disclaimer: We do not replace medical advice. NGAYIRR WAADYYIN WIILBAN supports medical or alternative treatments. The science on its effectiveness for mental health is ongoing.

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