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Ngurra Nala: Personal Healing Medicine Session 🌿

Experience the Healing Power of Indigenous Bush Medicine with Batdjala Medicine Woman Avalon Karatau

Join us for an exclusive one-hour personal healing session and discover the ancient wisdom of Australian plant medicine and its profound healing properties.

What to Expect:

🌿 One-on-One Session: Personalised healing techniques and muscle testing.

🌿 Healing with Bush Medicine: Experience the therapeutic effects of traditional remedies.

🌿 Cultural Insight: Gain a deeper understanding of Indigenous Australian healing practices.

Limited Appointments Available!

By Appointment Only: Reserve your private session today.

About Ngurra Nala:

Ngurra Nala offers renowned Indigenous healing knowledge from North Queensland, deeply connected to Country and the song

lines of bush medicine. Experience a unique and powerful healing journey.

Book Your Session Now! Embrace the ancient traditions of Indigenous bush medicine and connect with the natural world in a personal and meaningful way. 🌱✨

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