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 Review by Emily Johnson

"I recently attended the Dadirri Spirit Circle at JUKURRPA Cultural Retreat, and it was an experience that truly transformed my life. From the moment I arrived, Avalon and her team made me feel incredibly welcome and at ease. The serene environment by the lake provided the perfect setting for deep reflection and connection.

The sessions were beautifully structured, allowing us to explore Aboriginal spirituality in a way that felt both profound and accessible. Each activity, from guided meditations to group discussions, helped me connect more deeply with my inner self and the world around me.

One of the highlights was the opportunity to engage in Aboriginal cultural practices and rituals. It was enlightening to learn from such knowledgeable guides who shared their traditions with warmth and authenticity. I this session feeling more grounded, peaceful, and inspired.

The value I received from this first class far exceeded the cost. The insights gained and the connections made with like-minded individuals have had a lasting impact on my spiritual journey. I wholeheartedly recommend the Dadirri Spirit Circle to anyone seeking inner peace, cultural enrichment, and a deeper connection to their spiritual path.

Thank you, Avalon, for creating such a transformative and nurturing space. I look forward to continuing this journey with JUKURRPA Cultural Retreat!"





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