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Sorry Day for the Stolen Generations.

On February 13th you may find Crowds of people across #Australia gathering together. They stand together to hold a #ceremony. The Apology that finally happened across cities and towns. Though these steps are small and still have not healed completely. Those of us that witnessed the Apology and seeing the sombre and #reflectivefaces of families still not reconnected. Being taken over seas, separated by different names, states and deaths in these initiations due to malnutrition and neglect of the young taken away. These families still grieve. Separating any #child from their #parents leaves scares that never heal. Speaking from my own experiences. This is a day of #morning inflicted on #Indigenouspeoples across Australia. A huge wave of tears, relief and applause can be heard across these events. Watch #RabbitProoffence. About a real story of three girls trying to return home from these intuitions. Just one story that depicts the times and still happen with #fostering in non indigenous family and separating #grandparents due to their age being to old to be allowed to take care of their #grandchildren.

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