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The Stolen Generations.

In #Australiashistory #Aboriginalchildren were removed from their #families through government policies. Between mid-1800s to the 1970s. In the 1860s, Victoria became the first state to pass laws authorising Aboriginal children to be #removedfromtheirparents. For about a century, thousands of Aboriginal children were systematically taken from their families, #communities and #culture, many never to be returned. These children are known as the #StolenGenerationssurvivors, or Stolen Children. These children were taken by the police; from their homes; on their way to or from school. They were placed in over 480 institutions, #adopted or #fostered by non-Indigenous people and often subjected to abuse. The children were denied all access to their culture, they were not allowed to speak their #language and they were punished if they did. The impacts of this are still being felt today. The children, grandchildren and future generations of the Stolen Generations are still experiencing disconnection from their extended families and culture and have high levels of stress. This creates a cycle of trauma, known as #IntergenerationalTrauma, where the impact is passed from one generation to the next.

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