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The Wildlife you will find on Craigmuirlake.

Its Christmas for this little Beetle #ChristmasBeetles are easy to spot; their #shimmering #metallic bodies set them apart. A lot of Christmas beetles come in golden brown or green colours, but the further north you travel in #Australia, the more amazing their colours can be. In northern #Queensland, you can even find Christmas beetles that are #violet or have colourings a bit like an #opal. There are around 35 different types of Christmas beetle found in Australia. Most grow to about 3 centimeters in length. You will find these merry #bugs all across Australia, except our #deserts. They especially love #woodlands. Christmas beetles emerge each #summer around Christmas time after waiting underground all year. Fast facts: The Christmas beetle is a type of #scarab beetle and is related to the #rhinocerosbeetle and #dungbeetle. Heavy spring #rains and #thunderstorms provide the perfect conditions for Christmas beetles to hatch out of the #soil. Long #droughts and very dry conditions that make it harder for their babies to hatch.


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