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Turn Your 5-Hour Whoop Whoop Walk About Tour into an On-Country Camping Experience!

Camp Under the Milky Way & Walk the Yorta Yorta Art Trail

Camps and Retreats with Aboriginal Cultural Immersion

Experience Authentic Aboriginal Culture with our unique offerings. Our camps and retreats provide an immersive cultural experience, connecting you to the sacred spirituality of the First Peoples of Australia. Be enchanted by the beauty of our land, the richness of our stories, and the profound significance of our Dreaming.

Unique Offerings

Aboriginal Cultural Meditation Camps: Find inner peace and spiritual connection through guided meditations rooted in ancient traditions.

Wood crafting Camps: Learn to create traditional items like clapsticks, boomerangs, coolamons, and spears in a ceremonial setting.

Weaving and Fibre Crafts Camps: Master the art of Aboriginal weaving, string-making, and other fibre crafts on country.

Corroboree Dance Camps: Participate in traditional dance ceremonies that have been passed down through generations.

Evening Activities

Every camp features storytelling around the campfire, where you'll hear Aboriginal songs in language and Dreaming stories. Enjoy stargazing sessions that explore Aboriginal astronomy and ceremonies under the vast night sky.

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Upcoming Camps & Retreats

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Experience the Exceptional Natural Beauty

Explore the stunning natural beauty of our land, from the rugged landscapes to the pristine beaches. Our guided treks and camping experiences offer you an intimate connection with nature and the rich Aboriginal heritage.


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Duration: 2 Days | $825 per person

Book Now: 0402606481

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