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We love all the Seasons.

All over #Australia, #FirstNationpeople have their own #local yearly #calendars. Just as the #climate in Kakadu is very different from that of #Melbourne, so the Wurundjeri had their own way of marking the changing seasons. The division of the year into four #seasons comes from Northern #Europe, and does not fit Melbourne.

We still think of #winter as an unfavourable season for plants, when northern European trees drop their leaves and become dormant, but for our #nativeplants, especially the small tuberous #herbs, winter is a season of growth. At this time the #bush is green, and the temperatures are rarely low enough to stop growth. The unfavourable season is high #summer, when water is scarce, and much of the ground #flora becomes brown and dies off. are usually green during the summer, they die off during the winter.


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