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What is NGAYIRR WAADYIN WIILBAN - Dreamtime Ancestral Awakening

NGAYIRR WAADYIN WIILBAN therapy is a short-term group intervention that helps clients discover and address patterns and conflicts within their family groups.

In NGAYIRR WAADYIN WIILBAN therapy, people unrelated to the client take on the roles of various family members and act out dynamics related to the client’s concerns. It's a form of expressive therapy intended to help the client work through a concern or develop insight into a conflict.


Because a traditional family constellation is a group, family constellation therapy is usually done in a group setting, but therapists also provide it on a one-to-one basis when appropriate.

NGAYIRR WAADYIN WIILBAN Therapy in a Group Setting

The therapist directs the family members’ posture, position, and words, although sometimes the activity involves minimal talking. The client might interact directly with their relatives in the constellation or stand aside and watch the interactions unfold.

NGAYIRR WAADYIN WIILBAN Therapy With an Individual

In an individual setting, the client might use a sand tray and toys or figurines to represent their various family members. Similarly, art therapy techniques help clients draw their family groups and indicate the various dynamics within the family.

Individual NGAYIRR WAADYIN WIILBAN therapy doesn't involve the client in role play with other people. Instead, the therapist and client work together over time to map out relationships and uncover patterns.

Additionally, some clients might not feel comfortable engaging in the group setting. Either option can be beneficial in providing insight into the client’s family.


In a group setting, therapists typically use drama therapy with the other people in the group to create the NGAYIRR WAADYIN WIILBAN.

2 The client can observe interactions between members in real time to gain insight, or they might role play interactions with group members to practice a confrontation or address a past trauma. This type of role play can be a form of psychodrama.

Individual NGAYIRR WAADYIN WIILBAN can include drawing, painting, or using objects to represent family members. The therapist can point out their own observations and will encourage the client to look for patterns and relationships that the client had not previously considered.

Exploration of these patterns can make the client aware of connections between themselves and various members of their family as well as intergenerational trauma and transgenerational patterns related to mental health and relationships.


NGAYIRR WAADYIN WIILBAN therapy helps clients clarify and work on many types of issues. For example,

The client wants to break dysfunctional or harmful patterns in their relationships that might be related to dynamics that they learned from their family of origin.

A couple wants to understand each other’s history and how their families of origin affect what they each bring to the relationship.

The client wants to confront an abuser from childhood who is deceased, unreachable, or unsafe to contact.

The client wants insight into patterns from childhood that continue to affect their mental health.

NGAYIRR WAADYIN WIILBAN are not limited to specific diagnoses. However, they can be particularly beneficial for those working through childhood trauma, the death of a relative, or various mental health diagnoses, including depression and anxiety.

3. Benefits of NGAYIRR WAADYIN WIILBAN Therapy

Clients sometimes experience catharsis following this intervention because it allows them to work through conflict, trauma, and difficult experiences in a safe environment.

Focusing on patterns and dynamics they had not previously considered helps clients develop greater insight into their behaviors. This can lead to healthier communication and more fulfilling relationships.

NGAYIRR WAADYIN WIILBAN also create a powerful space for processing traumatic events from the client’s past.

 What Happens in Insight-Oriented Therapy?


Psychological researchers have extensively studied NGAYIRR WAADYIN WIILBAN therapy as an evidence-based treatment for various mental health concerns.

An analysis of available literature suggests that, when conducted by therapists with appropriate training, a family constellation can lead to “significant improvements” toward a client’s treatment goals; however, if a therapist does not use this intervention correctly, it might have no effect at all on treatment outcomes.3

Although data about overall treatment outcomes are mixed, NGAYIRR WAADYIN WIILBAN therapy has been found to help reduce feelings of stigma around mental health and neurodivergence; specifically, parents of autistic children can work through feelings of stigma using this approach.

Things to Consider

NGAYIRR WAADYIN WIILBAN can be intense, and participation might bring up strong feelings or memories related to traumatic or stressful events. Clients considering this treatment intervention should ensure that they feel comfortable with their therapist and ask any questions or present concerns they have about doing the NGAYIRR WAADYIN WIILBAN.

Clients need to consider whether they feel comfortable doing a NGAYIRR WAADYIN WIILBAN with a group of people whom they likely do not know. If they feel safer with an individual approach to the NGAYIRR WAADYIN WIILBAN, the therapist can provide them with options for creating their NGAYIRR WAADYIN WIILBAN with objects or toys.

Clients should also have a self-care plan in place to ensure that they can cope with any emotions brought up by the family constellation in a healthy way. Clients will often require ongoing therapy following the family constellation exercise to address traumas, memories, and upsetting dynamics that came up during this activity.

How to Get Started

If you are already in therapy, you can ask your therapist if they feel equipped to utilize the NGAYIRR WAADYIN WIILBAN in your treatment. If they are not properly trained, you can ask them about referrals to groups that offer this intervention, or they can provide you with interventions that could offer the same benefit and fall under their scope of practice.

You might have to develop coping skills that work for you prior to engaging in a NGAYIRR WAADYIN WIILBAN exercise. Because this intervention can be emotionally charged, it is important that you are prepared to manage feelings that come up for you in a healthy way.

If you want to work through dysfunctional family experiences and develop insight into how patterns within your family have shaped you, or you hope to make positive changes in your relationships going forward, a family constellation can be a helpful part of your treatment plan.#AncestralAwakening #SpiritualJourney #Breakthrough #HealingTransformation #ConnectWithAncestors #SpiritualGrowth #Mindfulness #Wellbeing #AncestralWisdom #HealingJourney

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