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 What is the gift the Earth has been waiting to give you?

Dive into the mysteries of Wayapa Wuurrk, an ancient Indigenous practice connecting you to the Earth's energy. Join our secret gatherings, revealed only to our page members.

 Why is doing an Earth Healing class on a full moon so important?

Every full moon, the Earth's energy is at its peak, offering a unique opportunity to tap into its powerful rhythms and align your spiritual journey with nature's cycles. The full moon symbolizes completion and renewal, making it the perfect time to deepen your connection with the Earth and yourself.

What transformations await in this sacred space of connection? Let's explore together!

 Class price is $30

 Saturday, June 22, 2024

 6:00 PM

 Address revealed upon commitment

Confirm your attendance on this platform, and we'll send you the location details.

Let's embark on this journey together and discover the Earth's gift to you!





June 22-Saturday-Strawberry Moon

July 21-Sunday-Buck Moon

August 20-Tuesday-Sturgeon Moon

September 18-Wednesday-Harvest Moon

October 17-Thursday-Hunter's Moon

November 16-Saturday-Beaver's Moon

December 15-Sunday-Cold Moon

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