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Wildlife We Experience Around Craigmuir Lake.

Rakali/Water-rat – Australia’s “otter” #Australia supports a diverse array of #nativerodents that have been a part of the #locallandscape for several million years. The largest of these is the #Australianwaterrat (or rakali), a very attractive #animal weighing up to 1.3 kilograms – as big as a medium-sized #platypus. The water-rat’s ancestors are believed to have originally dispersed to Australia from #NewGuinea, where several closely related species are found today.

The Australian water-rat resembles a #smallotter in many ways: Elongated and streamlined body, its tail is thick and muscular to help serve as a rudder when swimming. The hind feet are partly webbed and have a broad palm for efficient paddling.

The ears are small and can be folded flat against the head, and the muzzle is blunt and furnished with a dense set of long whiskers. The fur repels water, drying quickly once animals exit the #water.

Even if your #localcreek or #lake doesn’t support a #platypuspopulation, it may well support these fascinating and intelligent native animals, which are equally deserving of #careandprotection.


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