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Yeddonba National Park

Whoop Whoop Walk-About now brings you one of our 5-day treks out on country.

Wake up early and get ready to immerse yourself in a Walk-About cultural

Whoop Whoop Walk-About now brings you a 5-day trek out on country.

Book with Craigmuir Lakehouse

to learn about the art and

the cultural history of Mt Pilot National Park.

After stepping foot on this tour, take part in a Welcome to Country

and visit the cave paintings, sacar trees, and community art center or indulge in sampling a Bush Tukka tasting platter on the tour.

Whoop Whoop Walk-About is renowned for its educational programs, and interactive activities. Held every Sunday this 5-day trek offers accommodation, tours, and lunch.

To visit the cave paintings,

the best option is to book a day tour

from on Vaitor.

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