Ngayirr Waadyin Wiilban

‘The pathway to woman hood is through Ngayirr Waadyin Wiilban creating a connectedness to country’.

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people healing and culture are inextricably linked.

In modern society traditional healing finds new interpretations by applying ancient cultural knowledge to address trauma and restore and sustain holistic wellbeing. Reinstating pride in Australian cultural identity, connection to country, and involvement with other communities are critical elements for all at this time.

This ancient grounding medicine and spiritual healing. Is being slowly introduced to other communities that are open to start mending the bridges and seeing the gifts in Aboriginal culture. Aboriginal people have been Incorporating these traditional healing methods for 120,0000 years and at The Event Intention, you get to sample it firsthand.

Healing gives us back to ourselves. Not to hide or fight, who we naturally are anymore. But to sit still, calm our minds, listen to country, and allow our spirits to dance on the wind, drift into our Dreamtime, and slow down. Healing ultimately gives us back to country and our roots for future generations where ever you would like them to be. To stand once again in our rightful place as a people, as a nation as a voice as one, eternal and generational. Healing is not just about recovering what has been lost or repairing what has been broken for many of us. It is about embracing our life force to create a new and vibrant fabric Stitching this new into place like the many colours on earth, that silently keeps us grounded and connected every day without question.

Nurturing a sense of ‘cultural distinctiveness’ is integral for spiritual, emotional, and social health and wellbeing and is also an important part of strengthening communities for all of us. This can be facilitated through the recovery of using language and traditions, art, dance, stories, traditional food and medicines on country.

Long-held traditional healing practices are a way of life for Aboriginal people. Be-ing is being connected to everything all at once. And having the knowing of all things created is a greater possibility for the greater good of the whole. Traditional healing is the epi-centre of all healing practices that have evolved from it to what is now.

Allow us to pull back the curtain in this one-time event for you all to take a glimpse at some of our basic woman traditional healing practices With Avalon Karatau. Batdjala Bush Tukka woman. From Kg’rai (Hervey Bay) Murri country on Yorta Yorta Nation. With the James family's permission.

Please note this is an introductory event. All information shared is owned by Avalon Karatau and her clan the Batdjala people and have right and ownership of teaching and passing down these healing practices.