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Helping Us Grow Our Vision

Building an understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures within the broader population as a Lakefront stay and cultural tour experience is crucial to Indigenous people's health, social, economic, and emotional well-being, and the overall unity and pride of our nation.
Today’s travelers are attracted to many sites spotted around Australia because of the opportunity to interact with and learn from, our Aboriginal culture.

Visitors to Australia can meet me as an Aboriginal guide who will help them feel a spiritual connection through memorable outback experiences. Tourists are often welcomed into a ceremonial corroboree or sacred center that serves a religious and social purpose in Aboriginal Culture.
In the mountainous region north of Mooroopna, traditionally sacred trees, evidence of Aboriginal minority villages, and initiation places can be respectfully trek. In the Local Region, visitors can gain education and have a traditional experience with us on country, enjoying indigenous cuisine while learning about the cultures of the Aboriginal groups around the Muarry River Region that have lived there for over 65,000 years.


  • Two separate Comfortable accommodations

  • Bathroom

  • Kitchen /lounge room

  • All the utilities and comforts of a motel room.

  • Pet friends stay.

  • Bush Tukka Continental Breakfast

  • Cultural Walk About Tours

  • Deluxe Accommodation, Craigmuir Lake House

  • Budget Accommodation, Door Way to Narnia.


Cooking Class.

  • Learn how to utilize Australian bush food in your cooking at home.

  • Seasonal hands-on recipes that complement the available produce from our garden and local providers.

Whoop Whoop Walk About Tour.

Let us walk you through a bush medicine workshop 

  • Welcome to Country Ceremony. 

  • Walkabout Tour

  • Learn a Corroboree Cleansing Dance

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