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Seek It

"Embark on exhilarating Aboriginal treks and tours, where each sunrise over our tranquil lake ignites a sense of wonder. Immerse yourself in Aboriginal cultural experiences, invigorating treks, and guided tours, complemented by spiritual retreats, cooking classes, workshops, and day classes, ensuring every moment is filled with adventure, discovery, and enrichment."​


Immerse yourself in Australia Culture.

Traditional Owner's Acknowledgment.

Craigmuir Lake House and its hosts acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the Land of Greater Shepparton:'Kanny-goopna' which means 'deep waterholes by which people camped'.  The 8 clans that form the Muarry River Region,  the Yorta Yorta, Bangerang, Kailtheban, Wollithiga, Moira, Ulupna, Kwat Kwat, Yalaba Yalaba, and Ngurai-illiam-wurrung people.

We pay our respects to their and our own Tribal Elders, we celebrate the continuing culture, and we acknowledge the memory of all ancestors.

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