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Bush Tucker Bake Off.

This #nativesuperfood is 8 times as #nutritious as #potato and tastes as sweet as #coconut Originally wiped out by #pasturinganimals, the #murnong is now making a comeback that could upstage the common potato. The #yamdaisy (also known as murnong) was once a #majorfoodsource for #IndigenousAustralians and is now being reintroduced into the culinary mainstream. Could it become a breakthrough ingredient and achieve #gourmetfame? #Nutty, #starchy and rather potato-like, the murnong is the #edibleroot of a #yellowdandelion-type plant, naturally occurring in southern and south-eastern (cool, dry) parts of #Australia. Instead of pulling these daisies out as weeds. Try them out in this recipe,

Native Spiced Yam Fritters Ingredients 1 large Orange Yam or Sweet Potato 10-15 g Dried Lemon Myrtle 10-15g Aniseed Myrtle 10-15g Ground Bush Tomato 3 ea Egg Yolks 80g Self Raising Flour Pinch Murray River Salt Flakes Pinch Fresh Ground Native Pepper Method 1. Grate the yam or sweet potato into a bowl. 2. Add the lemon myrtle, aniseed myrtle, bush tomato and mix well. 3. Add the flour, salt and pepper. 4. Mix the egg yolks together and mix into yam until combined well. 5. Heat some oil to about 180` C and carefully add spoonfuls of the mixture and fry until golden and cooked through. 6. Drain on absorbent paper, season with Murray River Salt Flakes. 7. Serve with homemade mayo or a chilli sauce or both. Recipe provided by Charcoal Lane

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