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Bush Tucker Bake Off.

Strawberry Gum. Or Bush Lollies. #Strawberrygum is used to enhance the #flavour of #cookedfruitdishes, #desserts or #spicedjams, bringing out the classic 'berry' flavour. Use also in #herbalteas and #carbonatedbeverages. Strawberry gum contains #antifungal and #antibioticproperties. It has been shown to help #balancemicroflora of the gut. Strawberry gum was traditionally used by moistening the leaves and laying them out over a fire to release their #fragrantoils, which would help to #calmstomachproblems. Our bake off recipe today is. STRAWBERRY GUM AND WATTLESEED CHEESECAKE. ( Blog ).

STRAWBERRY GUM AND WATTLESEED CHEESECAKE Using Sweetened Condensed Milk, the delicious chocolate and coffee flavours of Wattleseed combined with the fruity flavour of Strawberry Gum makes this a tasty cheesecake to remember. Prep time 20 min Cook time 60 min Serves 16 INGREDIENTS.