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OYSTERS WITH KAKADU PLUM AND MIGNONETTE PEPPER VINAIGRETTE ON CUCUMBER For the more adventurous palette, try these tasty rounds of cucumber holding fresh oysters. It’s so refreshing, you’ll never look at bush tucker meals the same way again.

For the Vinaigrette 250g chardonnay (or good white wine) vinegar

100g Kakadu plum (frozen)

30g sugar

Slice most of the flesh off the stone of the plums. Bring the stones briefly to the boil with the vinegar & sugar to soften the remaining flesh. Strain through a coarse sieve and work the pulp through the mesh.

Add the other flesh and puree finely.

2-3 native shallots, peeled and fine diced (50g)

1 Finger Lime – juiced (about 30-40g)

1 g (1/2 a tsp) pepper berries

Freshly grind the pepper berries coarsely in a mortar & pestle. Stir into the vinaigrette with the lime juice and shallots 24 oysters freshly shucked 1 thin continental cucumber Lime wedges – optional.

Cut the cucumber into 1cm lengths and scoop out a small hollow to cup the oysters. Top each with an oyster and then the vinaigrette. Serve with a wedge of extra lime.


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