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Bush Tukka Bake Off.


This week #Easter is just around the corner. So we are #celebrating eggs! #Eggs are an important part of #bushtukka. The types of eggs available to #Aboriginalpeople differed depending on the #environment #Emueggs was one of the sort after #traditionalfoods for the Aboriginal peoples #diet. Blog.

CAMPFIRE FRITTATA A single emu egg is the rough equivalent of a dozen chicken eggs and can feed four to six people. They are much like a conventional chicken egg but a little creamier. There is no strange flavor that might be off putting to the lay consumer. The ratio of yolk to egg white is lower, so an emu egg frittata looks more pale than than a chicken egg frittata. And “why a frittata?” you might ask? While I am tempted to make one giant fried egg, cooking a frittata in a cast iron pan causes less damage to the emu shell. As the emu egg is an oddity of its own, there is no need to pull any surprise tricks with the emu egg frittata recipe. CAMPFIRE Frittata Ingredients

  • Hand full of chopped native leak

  • 1 cup chopped mushrooms

  • 6 thin strips of Kangaroo

  • 1 emu egg

  • Warangal greens for garnish .

  • tasty cheese

Emu eggs are thick. While there are many ways to open one, drilling a hole allows you to keep the shell. It takes patience to make a hole as opposed to chipping a large portion of the shell. Preheat oven to 425° Fry kangaroo slices in case iron pan. Le