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Gwangal moronn




#Queensland is on fire with #wildlife this time of year

around May and June

and Lady Elliot Island is the best #place to go see them in, #Queensland

If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to #flyunderwater, #diving or #snorkelling with #mantarays on Lady Elliot Island will give you a bit of a clue. Lady Elliot’s is actually a #coral cay (rather than an island) at the southern tip of the #GreatBarrierReef off #Bundaberg, and is a #majorhotspot for these graceful but harmless creatures that can grow up to seven meters (23 feet), wingtip to wingtip. The mantas are here all year but gather in large numbers during the #coolermonths between #May and #August, which is also when the water is clearest – so you’re guaranteed a good view.

How: Book a snorkel safari to swim with graceful mantas. Just go to this link

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