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Petyan-Spring, September-November

BABY KOALAS AND BOXING KANGAROOS Exceptional Kangaroo Island Did you know? When a #koala #joey is born it’s the size of a #jellybean. It also has no #hair or #ears and is blind. When: September and October Where: Kangaroo Island, South Australia All baby animals are adorable, but a #babykoala clinging to its mother’s back is cuteness overload. The babies of #kangaroos, #wallabies and koalas are all called joeys, and if you head to #KangarooIsland – a 30-minute flight from Adelaide, or catch the car ferry from #CapeJervis – in #spring, you’ve got a very high chance of seeing all three. Look closely and you’ll often see a wallaby or kangaroo joey’s face peeking out of the pouch – just try not to laugh too hard as you watch the ungainly way they climb in and out. #Springtime is also when you’re most likely to see older kangaroos “box” as they compete with other males at breeding time.

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