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Petyan Spring September-November Wildflower season

WATCH A PLATYPUS COME OUT TO PLAY The Wingecarribee River in Berrima Destination NSW A platypus swimming in Broken River in Eungella National Park Platypi have a sixth sense and can find food by detecting electrical signals with its bill. When: September Where: Southern Highlands, New South Wales #September is #breedingseason for one of #Australia’s most delightfully #weirdanimals, the #platypus – so unusual that scientists thought the first specimen was a hoax. This elusive #monotreme (egg-laying mammal) that lives in #riverbank burrows has the tail of a #beaver, the webbed feet and bill of a #duck, and the body of an #otter. They are at their most active during #spring, and the #waterways of the #SouthernHighlands offer a great chance to spot one of nature’s most #bizarrecreatures, less than a two-hour drive from #Sydney. How: Join a platypus tour.

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