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Australia has some 100,000 known rock art sites. And whilst some of the most famous examples are in remote regions, there are good examples worth seeking out much closer to home than you might think. For example, just an hour north of #Sydney, Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park is home to numerous engraving sites.

Likewise, just three hours from #Melbourne in the #GrampiansNationalPark, you'll find 250 rock art locations spread across five spectacular #sandstoneridges. Aboriginal rangers from #BrambukCulturalCentre can guide you to the finest examples.

Some of the most remarkable rock art on Earth is found in the Northern Territory's Aboriginal #ArnhemLand. Tour operators here offer a range of #wildlifewetlandcruises and #fishingtrips, as well as access to the #rockartgalleries.

About three hours from #Darwin, and home to around 5000 rock art sites - some dating back 20,000 years - the escarpments and gorges of #KakaduNationalPark are considered to be #Australiasepicentre of #Aboriginalrockart.

Explore the region and you might see astonishing traditional depictions of the Lightning Man Creation Ancestor, figures in large headdresses carrying spears and #boomerangs, a two-masted sailing ship, early #Europeans smoking pipes and, astonishingly, a painting of a #Tasmaniantiger, extinct on the #mainland for some 3000 years.

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