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The Wildlife that visit Craigmuir Lake House.

This is one of the best places in #Australia to see #Echidnas. The spiky Short-beaked Echidna can often be seen and heard as they use their strong snouts and #claws to get into #antnests and snuffle out #food. So during the #warmermonths, keep both your #eyes and #ears open for a foraging Echidna. During the #chillywinter months, they go into state of torpor reducing their metabolism to save energy and are predominantly #hibernating in burrows.

Uncle Brian Smith sharing a powerful message this season as the Echidna’s head into mating season (several males following or tracing a female). “Leave them alone my people”. It’s the same as catching certain fish during the year instructed by flowers along the river or by not collecting all the eggs in a nest of emu eggs (or by knowing when they are full to leave them alone). We must look after our animals as much as country and ourselves. With all the mass killings from the farming industry and the road kill our animals barely have a chance with their numbers reducing every year. There is a reason you don’t see emus and kangaroos or other native animals until you hit parts western NSW, it because of ‘broken’ song lines by the western world and the impact of the western way of living has created for our Culture. It’s up to us to protect them, it’s wrong business not too. Take advice from our elders that still hold this knowledge and understanding


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