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What really stands out in Australia is some of our amazing treasures.

Something you can find above the waves and throughout the continent. We’re not talking about the wide expanse of the #Outback or the dramatic arcs of the #sydneyoperahouse – we’re talking about wildflowers of course!

Bet you didn’t know that Australia is home to over 24,000 species of weird and wonderful native plants! Well, it’s true. #Victoria, #Australia alone has more than 12,000 species of native wildflowers, more than 60% of which can only be found here and nowhere else on earth. From fields of #wildflowers like the fantastical Everlastings, to what appears to be in #floralwreath’s scattered along the sandy trails, Australia is worth exploring with its #wildlife that will shock and awe you whether you’re a native or just passing through. So #tourdownunder and check out some of our amazing #nativeflora, Over the coming weeks, I will be sharing edible and flowering natives with you. Along with some of my favorite #bushtuckerchefrecipes. Image: Craigmuir Lake House Wattle Seed Damper Bread.

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